A tax client questionnaire is a type of questionnaire that contains vital information regarding the clients of a tax consultant. The vital information can include everything from spousal information to the amount of taxes paid in the previous year. A tax client questionnaire is normally provided by a tax consulting agency and contains a clients banking information as well.

Sample Tax Client Questionnaire:

Name of the Client: _________________________ Client Number: _____________

Social Security Number: _________________________ Occupation: _________________

Date of Birth: ____/_____/_____ (mm/dd/yy) |  Age: ___________

Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________

State: __________________  Zip: ________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

Name of Spouse: _________________________ Occupation: _________________

Social Security Number (Spouse): _____________________ Age: ___________

Date of Birth: ____/_____/_____ (mm/dd/yy)

  • Is this the first time you are paying taxes?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Did you file your 2010-2011 taxes online or through a tax consultant?

a)      Online

b)      Tax Consultant

c)      Physically

d)     Others:____________ (Please specify)

  • Do you want the tax consulting agency to prepare your local tax returns for 2011-2012?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Not Sure

  • What type of employment are you in currently?

a)      Self employed

b)      Salaried

c)      Business owner

d)     Unemployed

e)      Part-time wager

f)       Wage laborer

g)      Hourly wage professional

h)      Others:____________________ (Please Specify)

  • Which of the following expenses did you incur last year (2010-2011)?

a)      Deductions

b)      Rental income

c)      Capital gains

d)     Child care expense

e)      Education expense

f)       Moving expenses

g)      Household expenses

h)      Travel expenses

  • Do you have any dependents? If yes, then please mention their name, Age, and age.

a)      Yes

b)      No


a)      Name: ________________ Age: _______________ Relationship: _______

b)      Name: ________________ Age: _______________ Relationship: _______

c)      Name: ________________ Age: _______________ Relationship: _______

d)     Name: ________________ Age: _______________ Relationship: _______