A survey questionnaire template is found online and acts as a guideline when writing survey questionnaires. Survey questionnaires are methods used for carrying out research and in this case the researcher uses questions to ask particular respondents and then draw a conclusion based on the answers they give. The survey questionnaire template acts as a guideline when writing questionnaires. Below is an example of a survey questionnaire template:

Questionnaire Template for Customer Service in a Bank


Surname                                 Middle name              Last name

_______________                 ______________        _________________

Address   ___________________________

Age        ____________________________

What is your employment status?

Permanently employed _______      Employed Part time _________                             Self Employed _________             Unemployed    __________     Student ________

Are you a customer with our bank?

Yes    _________               No   __________

If answer is ‘yes’ above give your account details

Type of account

Savings ___________      Current     ___________    Joint _________

Business ___________

Account no.  ________________________

How long have you been a customer with the bank?

Less than a year _________

Between 1- 5 years    ____________

Between 5- 10 years   ____________

More than 10 years   ________

Please answer Yes / No to the following questions:

Are the bank’s customer care services efficient?


Are our customer care representatives courteous?


Give suggestions for areas that need improvement:



Are there enough customer care representatives in our bank?


Are the customer care representatives efficient?


Based on your experience from our customer service department, would you recommend our bank to your friends and relatives?

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5.How do you access information concerning employment opportunities?

Media (newspaper, radio, television)      _________

Internet     __________

Word of mouth   ________

Other   ________

Please answer yes or no to the following questions

6.Is the government efficient in the creation of employment opportunities in the province?

7.Does the education provided in the school system prepare on for the employment opportunities that are available in the province?

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