Survey questionnaires are used to find out and collect specific information from people by asking several questions and drawing a conclusion from the answers given. For a Survey Questionnaire to be effective one has to put effort in the designing of the survey questionnaire. A good questionnaire is easy to understand for the respondent and as a result the answers will be easy to interpret for the person collecting the data.

Below is an example of a survey questionnaire design of employment opportunities in a particular province


First name                                Middle name                        Last name

_________________          __________________          _________________

Address   ___________________________

Age        ____________________________

Education Qualification

High School Diploma   ___________

Undergraduate              ____________

Post graduate                ____________

Other                             ____________

1.What is your employment status?

Permanently employed _______      Employed Part time _________                             Self Employed _________            Unemployed    __________    Student  ________

2.Are you employed by the government?

3.What is your average income?

Below $ 10000 ______

$10000 – $ 30000  ______

$30000 – $ 60000 _______

$60000 – $ 100000 _______

Above $ 100000    _______

4.Our goal as a province is to ensure that our residents can easily access employment opportunities. Have we achieved our objective?

5.How do you access information concerning employment opportunities?

Media (newspaper, radio, television)      _________

Internet     __________

Word of mouth   ________

Other   ________

Please answer yes or no to the following questions

6.Is the government efficient in the creation of employment opportunities in the province?

7.Does the education provided in the school system prepare on for the employment opportunities that are available in the province?

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