A survey questionnaire analysis is written after a survey seeking to establish specific information from people has been carried out. The results are presented in statistical representations such as charts, graphs as well as pie charts. It also justifies the methodology used in the survey showing the sample size, sampling frame, sampling technique as well as non response rates. An organization can write a survey questionnaire analysis to establish the opinion of its employees in relation to job satisfaction.

Below is a sample survey questionnaire analysis for employee opinion regarding job satisfaction

Sample Survey Questionnaire Analysis

The following graphs present detailed representation of employees’ opinion on job satisfaction in this company. The analysis seeks to find the areas that need improvement depending on the response received.

1.Level of satisfaction on employee recognition as individuals

2.Degree of agreement on employee motivation towards company success

3.Degree of employees’ agreement on the company’s flexibility with regard to working hours and family responsibility

4.Degree of employees’ agreement on clear communication about the company’s goals and strategies

5.Level of satisfaction on morale received from fellow employees

6.Level of satisfaction on personal morale

7.Level of satisfaction on team spirit and cooperation among workers

8.Level of satisfaction on compensation received

9.Level of satisfaction on job security

  1. Level of satisfaction on professionalism portrayed by immediate supervisor
  2. Company rating as a place of work
  3. Best thing about working for the organization
  4. What should be improved in the organization


Sample Questionnaire

A sample questionnaire is written with the aim of gathering information concerning a particular topic from various respondents. It consists of a series of questions that prompt the respondent to give answers in a specific format. It also contains both open ended and close ended questions. Open ended encourage the respondents to formulate their own answers while the close ended questions give the respondents different sets of answers to pick from. Sample questionnaires can be used to establish public opinion especially in political and market research.

Below is a sample questionnaire that could be conducted by a fast food restaurant

Sample Questionnaire

Name _________________________________

Location _____________________________

Date __________________________________

1.How many times in the previous month did you visit the restaurant?




More than 10__________

2.When was the last time you visited the restaurant?

3.Which one do you do more often at the restaurant?

Buy take away food__

Eat at the restaurant__

4.How did you know about the restaurant?

Recommendation by someone__



Other (Please Specify) ___________________________________________________________

5.Do you visit the restaurant


With friends__

With family__

6.What do you like about the restaurant?


7.You visit the restaurant mostly because

The food is good__

It is conveniently located__

The food prices are good__

8.How would you rate the services offered at the restaurant?


Very good__




9.What about the restaurant would you like changed?


  1. What is your favorite dish on the restaurant menu?