Supply chain management is the sensitive procedure being initiated by the corporate to ensure the growth process in which the raw material is supplied to the concerned department to boost the production. In supply chain questionnaire, the concerned department will follow certain working standards to answer all the questions. On the basis of the outcome of this questionnaire, an organization can easily evaluate the percentage of success of the supply chain department.

Sample Supply Chain Management Questionnaire:

Name of the department: ____________________

Head of the department: _____________________

Date of the questionnaire: ____/____/_____

Q1: Is supply chain management having all the address of the developer branches of the company?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2: Rate the working strategies of supply chain management department on the basis of the current programs?

  • 10. Outstanding
  • 9. Excellent
  • 8. Good
  • 7. Average

Q3: Is the supply chain management department is having sufficient transportation?

  • Yes
  • Not sufficient

Q4: According to the current growth process of the organization, which of the following needs much attention and progress to boost the production?

  • Operational activities
  • Tactical activities
  • Current programming strategies

Q5: Choose the right option, where the supply chain department is facing problem in taking care of the raw material?

  • During storage
  • Packaging
  • Testing of packaging
  • Evaluation of defective raw material

Q6: How do you rate the delivery activity of the department?

  • 10. Excellent
  • 9. Very effective
  • 8. Good
  • 7. Average

Q7: Is there any case recorded by the supply chain department in which the production department complained late delivery of raw materials?

  • Yes
  • No