A student travel questionnaire is aimed at finding out general travel plans of a student. It helps discover the general prevailing trends and the change in trends over time. It helps universities discover the patterns of travelling by the students. This in turn helps in forming an effective travel campaign. The universities keep updated patterns of travel and create a baseline for travel-related information for the universities.

Student Travel Questionnaire Sample

Name of the student ______________

Name of school/university/college _______________

Standard _________________

Contact number ____________

Length of travel (in kilometres)_____________

What time do you generally leave your house for school/university/college? ___________

What time do you leave from school/university/college? __________

Do you cross any congested crossing on your way? _________

What problems do you face on this crossing? _________

On days when you are late, what are the reasons for your being late? _______

What mode of transportation do you use while going to your school/university everyday?

1. Public bus

2. Car

3. Cycle

4. School bus

5. Walk

6. Train

7. Please specify if any other.

Do you prefer using this mode everyday?

1. Yes

2. No

Please specify why? ________________

Would you like to switch to any other mode of transportation than the one you are using now?

1. Yes

2. No

If your answer to the previous question is yes, than please specify what prevents you from switching to your choice of conveyance?

While on way to your school/university, do you face any problem in particular? Please specify what and how?

If you use a car to travel, what would persuade you to switch to using a public bus, cycle or walk?

Do you find any particular area unsafe or difficult to cross while on your journey to school/university?

How do you suggest for improvements in your travel? Anything in particular that you would want to change? Please specify _______________