A student teacher questionnaire is a commonly used questionnaire which is used to evaluate the relationship shared between a student and a teacher. These questionnaires are either issued by school authorities or are distributed by teachers amongst their students to evaluate or analyze their own relationships with each student independently.

Such questionnaires can help to point out the areas that need change or improvements. Given below is a sample of a student teacher questionnaire which can be used by any one for reference.

Sample Student Teacher Questionnaire

Name of teacher: __________________

Name of student: ______________________

Subject taught by teacher: _____________________

Class/grade of student: ___________________

Name of school: _____________________

Age of student: ______________________

Please answer all of the following questions honestly and please use the spaces provided for your answers.

Q1. How long has this teacher been teaching you?

a)      Less than one year

b)      1-2 years

c)      2-4 years

d)     More than 4 years

Q2. What kind of a relationship do you share with this teacher? Select the appropriate answer from the following.

a)      A formal relationship like any student-teacher

b)      I feel respect for the teacher

c)      I  don’t like the method of teaching

d)     Other (please specify)

Q3. Do you think that this teacher is best suited for this subject?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q4. What are your views about the teaching methods of this teacher?

a)      He/she used interactive methods of teaching

b)      He/she only teaches from the book

c)      He/she raises questions and clears doubts patiently

d)     He/she doesn’t give students an opportunity to speak and put up doubts

e)      Other (please specify)

Q5. What do you think about the teacher in general?

a)      He/she is partial towards certain students

b)      He/she is fair and pays attention to everybody

c)      He/she puts in best efforts to impart education

d)     Other (please specify)