A student leadership questionnaire is devised to record the feedback of the students regarding the qualities which they are looking for their leader. This questionnaire also help a student leader to know his areas of improvemnet

Sample Student Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of the student:  ___________

Branch: ______________________

Enrolment Number: ___________

Course/ Degree: ______________

Name the deserving student leader?


What quality do you like in the above mentioned candidate?


Do you have the leadership abilities?

  • Yes. Sure
  • No
  • Not sure

What kind of relationship are you having with your student leader?

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Not good

If you are interested to become a leader, how will you grab the votes from student communities?

  • Daily meetings
  • Convince them with impressive speech
  • Offer them gifts
  • Campaigns
  • Others, _________

What will be your priority as a leader?

  • Taking care of students requirements
  • Imply new rules & regulations
  • Prepare friendly environment to comfort the students
  • Others, ___________

How will you handle, if any dispute takes place among different student groups?

  • Try to convince them on talking terms
  • Will make a proper investigation to understand the exact factors
  • Punish the guilty party
  • Do not pay much attention
  • Others, specify:____________

How will you measure the performance level of your student union?

  • Conduct a small survey among students
  • Conduct a poll
  • Meetings on daily basis
  • Attending students whenever required and taking their feedback
  • Others, specify: ___________