Students too go through interviews. Usually the interviews mark the real test where their ability to think and articulate their thoughts verbally are tested.  In their young minds, such interviews usually mark the first real experience in the world where only the best excel. Fortunately, such questionnaires prepare them for the real world where competition is rife. One of the most feared questionnaires by students is one administered during the college entry level. Since most students spend endless hours knocking on the different colleges for admission, the prospect of missing an opportunity is always unthinkable. Below is a sample of a student interview questionnaire

Name applicant student: ____________________

Q1. Why do you want to join this college?

Q2. Give me a brief description of your career prospects on graduation

Q3. What motivates you to pursue the career identified above?

Q4. If you were given a chance, would you handle your high school education differently?

Give reasons

Q5. Do you believe that college education is worth the effort? Why?

Q6. What is your perception towards colleges?

Q7. Do you believe it is your prerogative to study hard and ensure that you have good grades?

Then, what role does the college play in realizing your career goals?

Q8. What do you plan to do right after graduation?

Q9. Have you ever been in trouble in high school?

If yes, what for?

How was the situation resolved?

Q10. What personal weakness has always posed a challenge in your education life?

Q11. Are you able to relate with lecturers, students or support staff well?