A student finance questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is framed by financial institutions or educational institutions to know about the expenditures, financing needs and loan requirements of students. These questionnaires are quite effective to know about the majority of financing problems faced by students so that effective methods to help them can be taken out.

These questionnaires also help to evaluate the general or common responses of students. These questionnaires may have both objective and subjective type questions. Given below is a sample of a student finance questionnaire which can be helpful for reference purpose.

Sample Student Finance Questionnaire:

Name of student:

Date of birth:

Age of student:

Contact number:

Residential address with zip code:

Name of college and university:

Kindly answer all of the following given questions in the spaces provided.

Q1. Please select one of the following relevant answers.

a)      I live at my home

b)      I have taken up a hostel facility at the college

c)      I have rented a flat

d)     I live at ___________(please fill the blank with appropriate choice)

Q2. If you do not live at your home during college semesters, then how much living expenses do you have to bear each month?


Q3. Who pays for your books and other educational items such as stationary etc.?

a)      I pay for it myself by working part time

b)      My parents pay for it

c)      I have a scholarship

d)     Other( please specify)

Q4. How much on an average do you spend on travelling to college?


Q5. How do you pay for your college fee?

a)      I pay for it myself

b)      My parent pay for it

c)      I have a scholarship

d)     I have taken up a student loan

e)      Other(please specify)

Q6. Please mention the details of the student loan taken by you (if the answer to last question is d.)