Stress scale questionnaire helps us to ask questions on various aspects causing stress in a likert scale. This helps the respondent choose the precise option that suits him or her. Then a gross total or categorising of the questions is done to better analyse it.

Stress Scale Questionnaire Sample:

Name:                       ____________________

Address:            ____________________

Phone Number:   ____________________

Email id:            ____________________

Course:              ____________________

Please categorise the following into – ‘Almost never’, ‘Always’, or ‘Sometimes

1. The work in my office is hectic

2. Every work is appreciated and we are encouraged to aim higher

3. I have to deal with many worried and anxious customers

4. I miss my deadlines

5. The work environment is encouraging and incites learning

6. I can exercise control in my position

7. I have many responsibilities but no authority

8. I spend time with my family

9. My work leaves no time to contribute to the demands at home

10. I have enough resources in my team

11. I am expected to do more than I’m trained for

12. I have no time to pursue games or leisure activities with friends

13. I work for longer hours in office

14. I am satisfied with the pay offered

15. My job needs immense physical fitness that I lack

16. The potential impact of a job not well done is higher

17. My colleagues help me cope with work stress

18. My organization takes care of employee safety and security

19. I have to work in shifts

20. I suffer a low morale

21. I am happy with my relationship