Stress is generally referred to as the personal response that one has towards different daily occurrences and how these responses can make life more challenging. A stress management questionnaire aims to establish how people manage their stress and identify how stress affects their performance in various areas of their lives.

Sample Stress Management Questionnaire

How do you handle an excessive workload?

* I prioritize my work and go ahead to meet my goals

* I slowly begin to tackle my work

* I become frustrated and irritable

When you are faced with financial challenges, how do you react?

* I come up with ways to overcome my financial challenges

* I take time to recover from the financial challenges

* I stay home and worry endlessly

How would you describe your life in general?

* Interesting

* Challenging

* Miserable

How do you handle problems?

* I try my best to sort them out

* I enjoy the challenge that problems present

* I get angry and find someone to blame

When a person makes you wait for too long, what do you do?

* Try to keep busy while I wait

* Find something else to do

* Become angry and leave

What is your perception of change?

* I do not like change in my life

* I accommodate change

* I am unwilling to change my life for anything or anyone

Please answer yes or no to the following.

When I am stressed I feel

Pain ___________

Anger _______________________

Embarrassment _______________

Exhausted _________________

Headaches ________________

Tense __________