Strategic planning questionnaires, as the name suggests, are used for preparing the strategic policies and programs to achieve the expected targets in the organisation. To prepare a strategic planning questionnaire, certain key objective should be decided such as basic requirements, procedure to be followed to achieve the desired outcome and essential key factors on which the questionnaire is based. However, such a questionnaire also involves evaluation of past experience, required vital resources and potential treats to be faced during strategic planning.

Sample Strategic Planning Questionnaire:

Name of the employee________________

Name of the department: _______________

Head of the Department: _______________

Date of questionnaire: ___/____/___

Q1: Name the objective behind this strategic planning?

  • Achieve the profits
  • Make the official procedures faster
  • To manage the available resources
  • Other, please specify: ______________

Q2: Mention the name of the required resources to initiate strategic planning?


Q3: What core values should be taken care of in this strategic planning?


Q4: Name of the important traits required for the success of this strategic planning?


Q5: Mention the name of the technology which is going to be implemented to ensure the success of the planning?


Q6: Is there any risk, which should be taken care of while implementing the expected strategies?


Q7: Mention if there are any estimated weakness and chances of failures associated with this strategic planning?


Q8: Which of the following is the vital attribute expected as the result of this strategic planning program?

  • Improved management
  • Successful utilization of the resources
  • If any other please mention