A stock market research questionnaire is used as an effective tool to gather the feedback of the people, who are indulged into the stock market. With the help of this questionnaire, the private and government stock entities can estimate the various stock market research approaches used by the customers before investing their money. Such a questionnaire is helpful to improve and advertise stock market entities.

Sample Stock Market Research Questionnaire:

Name of the participant: ________________

Contact number: _____________________

Date: ____/____/____

Q1. Tell us something about your overall stocked market research experience?


Q2. Do you think stock market research is essential for investing your money to earn high returns?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. How long have you been indulged into the stock market research and this business?

  • More than a year
  • More than three year
  • More than five years
  • More than seven years
  • More than this

Q4. Which of the following mentioned factors play an important role while you finalize a stock company?

  • Overall reputation
  • Offered stock market term & conditions
  • Capability of affecting investments
  • Current stock quotes
  • Other, please write: ________________

Q5. You purchase the shares to:

  • Invest your money wisely
  • For long term money investment
  • For high end returns
  • To invest money regularly

Q6. Which of the following risk factors disturb the stock market continuously?

  • Corporate drawn
  • Market value fluctuations
  • Economic breakdown

Q7. Which of the methods do you use to conduct a stock market research before investing money into shares?

  • Internet
  • Friend’s advice
  • News paper
  • Television
  • Other, please mention: __________________

Q8. Would you like to mention a little more about you stock market expertise?