The purpose of a staff interview questionnaire is to measure the motivation level, the job satisfaction and initiative that the staff has towards his job. This interview questionnaire can also cover matters like compensation, increment, benefits, different approach towards the assigned duties, work pressure and treatment meted out by superiors.

The questionnaire also helps in gathering the information whether the employee requires further training to meet his job objectives. It also helps in deciding whether a particular employee deserves a pay hike or promotion. Usually a third party consisting of researchers is hired to set the questionnaire. But, sometimes the top management personally drafts such questionnaire for the staff.

Sample Staff Interview Questionnaire

Name: _________________________

Employee id: __________________

Employment date: __________________

Department: ____________________

Q1. How has been your experience been so far, in this company?

Q2. Are you satisfied with your job?

Q3. Are you happy with your shift timings?

Q4. Are you open to working in different shifts at short notice?

Q5. Are you happy with your department?

Q6. Are you open to shifting to a different department?

Q7. How is your relationship with your team leader?

Q8. How is your relationship with your colleagues?

Q9. Would you like to suggest new methods to make your job easier?

Q10. Have you noticed any behavior in your team leader that you feel is not morally right?

Q11. Do you feel that you need further training to improve your skills ?

Q12. Are you satisfied with your current remuneration?

Q13. Would you like to suggest new policies in the company?

Q14. Where do you see yourself in this company five years down the line?