A Sports career Termination questionnaire is a questionnaire with set of questions designed to find out the causes of termination of sports career by a person. The questions are based on the survey done among people in order to understand their views about their sports career and the reasons for terminating their career. This will analyse person’s fatigue level, personal reasons, social causes etc for termination of sports career.

Sample Sports Career Termination Questionnaire

Name: _______________________

1. What is your level of involvement in the field of sports till date?

j) High.

k) Average.

l) Low


2. Please select the type of termination opted by you from below options?

e) Pre mature termination.

f) Retirement.

g) Forced termination.

h) Personal.


3. Can you please specify the cause for your sports career termination from the following choices?

e) Tired of leading the life of an athlete

f) Have been successful as a sports person and want to take off

g) Not satisfied with personal growth and performance in sports

h) Discouragement in sports by higher authorities


4. Please specify the factors that you think have made least difference to you in choosing sports termination?

e) Rapidly changing sports equipment

f) Changing attitude of sports persons

g) Excessive competition amongst sports persons

h) Peer pressure to perform well


5. Please mention your economic status during the sports career.

i) High.

j) Low.

k) Average.

l) Neither high nor low.


6. Please brief about your achievements during the sports career



7. Please select the level of personal relationship shared between coaches and the respective Board from the following choices?

i) Normal.

j) High comfort

k) Average

l) Below average


8. Choose the frequency of occurrences of injuries during your sports career from the following?

a) High.

b) Low

c) Average


9. Choose from below options if you have been treated for any mental ailments, such as depression, loneliness etc?

h) Never

i) Few times