A space planning questionnaire is a document which can be used by those who need to plan the use of a certain office or home space for the clients whose space is being modeled. The clients need to answer the questions and an analysis of the questions will provide all the needed information to the planner. The questions are framed in a manner that make it convenient to collect the information about the preferences of the clients in regard to the number of cabins/ rooms required, the halls, the meeting rooms etc.

Sample Space Planning Questionnaire




Educational qualifications:

Email Address:

Other contact details:

Kindly provide the answer to the following questions:

1. Kindly mention the dimensions of the office that you are currently operating from?


2. What are the dimensions of the office space which is to be re-modeled or modeled into the offices?

a. 2000sq feet or less

b. 2000 sq feet- 3000 sq feet

c. 3000 sq feet- 4000 sq feet

d. More than 5000 sq feet, less than 7000 sq feet

e. Between 7000 sq feet to 9000 sq feet

f. Other please specify _____________

3. How many offices would you like to be accommodated in the space? Kindly specify (approximately) separately the number of cabins and cubicles required.


4. Kindly specify (if any) the minimum dimensions to the office and cubicles.

5. Kindly mention the number of conference halls and meeting rooms you wish to be built in the office space.

6. Do you have any other specific requirement while planning the office space?