As members of a society, we enjoy a lot of benefits and demand immense support from it morally, emotionally, materially and physically. Hence, it also remains our ethical duty to give back something to the society that has selflessly nurtured us, so that it continues to do so for generations to come. Social work questionnaire attempts to evaluate our sense of social responsibility and is used by sociologists to examine the amount and effect of social work done as a fulfillment of that responsibility.

Sample Social Work Questionnaire




Date of birth:


  1. What do you feel are your social responsibilities?
  1. What does social work mean to you?
  1. What is the kind of social work you would like to engage in?
  1. Who are the people you think would benefit from your work?
  1. Why do you wish to engage yourself in this field?
  1. What do you feel has been done in this field by your predecessors?
  1. How do you feel your work would add on to these existing social works?
  1. What improvements would you like to bring in your society?
  1. How do you feel these changes should be implemented?
  1. What is your philosophy behind this kind of work?
  1. What agenda would you propose to improve things in this sector?
  1. Five years down the line where do you see yourself in this respect?
  1. How do you intend to arrange funding for your social work?
  1. What is your long term plans in this sector?