A social styles questionnaire gauges a person’s style of working in relation to other people in a specific work environment. The questionnaire gauges the respondent’s networking and collaborative capabilities as well as his eagerness to gain consensus and work with other people. The questionnaire is mainly used by employers to evaluate how work teams are able to work together and give good results. By identifying the strong and weak areas of each person, the employer is then able to form work groups that can efficiently cover all the challenges presented in the work place.  Below is an example of the social styles questionnaire:

Name_________________________ Job title___________________ Dept.___________

Q1. How do you relate to other people in your department?

Well___________ Fairly well__________ Not well__________

Q2. Are you always eager to gain consensus in the work place?

Yes_______________ Sometimes______________ Never__________

Q3. Do you believe that people should network more or collaborate more?

Yes______________ when necessary____________ No_______________

Q4. How would you define yourself in the work place?

A team player



A sole player

Q5. Do you think looking at the long-term goals in a company is important during your work?


Not always

Focusing on short term goals is more important


Q6. Do you prefer working with facts and figures rather than analyzing the situation in a group?

Most of the times


When it is necessary

Q7. How often do you think your work place needs new ideas?

All the time


When the need arises

Whenever a new idea would improve performance