It is important for educational institutions to use social stories questionnaires. Social stories are used as a tool for teaching social skills to children with autism and related disabilities. These skills provide an individual with accurate information about those situations that he or she may find difficult or puzzling. A social stories questionnaire can be used to collect information which will make social stories describe situations in detail. Focus is given to the important social cues, the events and reactions the individual might expect to occur in the situation, the actions and reactions that might be expected of him, and why. The goal of the story is to increase the individual’s understanding of, make him more comfortable in, and possibly suggest some appropriate responses for the situation in question. Below is a social stories questionnaire.

Sample Social Stories Questionnaire

Please fill out the following details concerning social stories

Please state how long you have been using social stories

Less than one year: __________

2- 5years: _________

5- 7 years: _________

7- 10 years: __________

More than 10 years: __________

Use this key to rate your answers

1– Excellent

2- good

3- average

4- poor

5- very poor

Rate the use of social stories to help an individual predict the actions and assumptions of others better. ________________________________________________________________________

State your capability of identifying your student’s needs


Rate your ability to write social stories


Rate your ability to explain social stories written by other authors to your audience


Rate your ability to be attentive to other people’s ideas, suggestions and discussions and make conclusions about them.