A social skills questionnaire is a set of questions formulated to gauge the amount of social skills prevalent in specific age groups in a society. It can also be used to gauge the skill level in different society segments which can be age based, gender based, race based, or region based.  The social skills questionnaire can also be used to gauge the attitudes of a society towards a specific issue. It is especially useful in gauging the young people’s understanding of career choices, disaster preparedness or first aid skills. The questions in such a questionnaire are usually close-ended. Below is a sample:

Name___________________________ Gender: Fe   Female         Male

Current age ____________

Current Address_____________ City/state/zip____________________

Home Phone_________________ Cell Phone_____________________

Email address________________________

Current Job________________ Job Title______________

State your identified social interests


(In the section below, use AlwaysRarelysometimes and Never to indicate your response)

Q1. Do you always uphold these interests while interacting with your peers? _________

Q2. Do your friends share the same interests as you? _______

Q3. Do you support or participate in activities that your friends are interested in even though you may have no interest in the same? _______

Q4. Do you express your displeasure in activities that you do not like participating in? _______

Q5. Do you look people in the eye and maintain eye contact when speaking to them? _______

Q6. Do you try seeing another person’s point of view during an argument? _______

Q7. How often do you tell the truth? _______

Q8. How would you gauge your social communication skills?

Excellent          Good           Fair           Extremely bad