A social science research questionnaire contains information regarding the various areas of study including anthropology, business administration, archaeology, criminology, communication, economics, government, and political science among others. A social science research questionnaire will vary depending on the organization doing the survey and the type of information required. Some of the research questionnaires can include questions from every area of social science while others are focused on a particular area.

Social Science Research Questionnaire Sample

Name of the individual: _______________________________________

Occupation: ____________________

Aim of research: ____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________ State: ______________  Zip: ______________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ________________________

Q1. How many scientists are involved in this social science research?

a)   Less than 5

b)   Between 5 and 10

c)   More than 10

Q2. Will this social science research be published?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. What are the five important considerations made by this particular research?

#1 _____________________________

#2 _____________________________

#3 _____________________________

#4 _____________________________

#5 _____________________________

Q4. Is this research being carried out for the benefit of society or mankind or the planet?

a)   Society

b)   Mankind

c)   Planet

Q5. Who all are on the panel of this research program?

Member#1: _____________________________

Member#2: _____________________________

Member#3: _____________________________

Member#4: _____________________________

Member#5: _____________________________

Q6. Which of the following information do you want to find using this research?

a)   Literacy

b)   Data

c)   Education

d)   Outreach

e)   Funding

f)    Demographics

g)   Economy

h)   Political

i)     Legal

j)    Socio-cultural

Q7. Which of the following will be the primary focus area of the research?

a)   Anthropology

b)   Geography

c)   Psychology

d)   Sociology

e)   None of the above

Q8. Which of the following type of research is this?

a)   Institution driven

b)   Society driven

c)   Mission driven

Q9. What amount of expenditure are you expecting on the research?

a)   Less than $5,000

b)   $5,000 – $50,000

c)   More than $50,000