A social responsibility questionnaire is filled by organizations or consumers or members of the society and it focuses on what people think about the social responsibility of organizations. The questionnaire also helps people to understand what social responsibility means and how it can prove beneficial to all.

Social Responsibility Questionnaire Sample

Name of the individual: _______________________________________

Name of the company: ____________________

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Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ________________________

Q1. What are your status regarding social responsibility?

a)   I don’t know what it is

b)   I have been thinking about it lately

c)   I want to make contributions towards it

d)   I am working on social responsibility programs

Q2. To me, social responsibility means….

a)   Accomplish environmental legislation

b)   Integrate volunteer actions

c)   Promote equal opportunity

d)   Develop ethical code

e)   Promote social and environmental care

Q3. Which of the following modes are best for promoting social responsibility?

a)   Training courses

b)   Workshops

c)   Conferences and Seminars

d)   Advertisement and Editorials

e)   Collaboration with other institutions

Q4. Have you promoted social responsibility before?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. Have you ever been associated with a social responsibility campaign?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. Which of the following aspects do you want to focus on in your social responsibility campaign?

a)   Environment

b)   People

c)   Society

d)   Economic growth

e)   Other aspects

Q7. Name some of the social responsibility programs that you have successfully promoted?

a)   Program#1:

b)   Program#2:

c)   Program#3:

d)   Program#4:

e)   Program#5:

Q8. Will you penalize an organization if you find them to be socially irresponsible?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q9. Will you prefer products and services of socially responsible organizations?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q10. Which of the following makes an organization socially irresponsible?

a)   Employee abuse

b)   Corruption

c)   Misinformation to consumers

d)   Employee discrimination

e)   Unethical working conditions

f)    Unethical practices