A social questionnaire is a survey carried out by social scientists and sociologists in order to gather data regarding the social life of individuals residing in particular demographic. Many times such social questionnaires are also undertaken in order to understand the general life and style of people in different sects. Sociologists are continuously reforming their studies in order to understand the society and its workings, therefore social questionnaires are distributed amongst various people. The social questionnaire questions vary according to the subject and the requirement of the study.

Social Questionnaire Questions Sample



City and State ________________________

Religion ______________________________

Occupation _____________________________

Q1. What is your area of residence?


Q2. What is the social economic structure of the area?

  • Below poverty line
  • Middle class
  • Higher class

Q3. What kind of family do you have?

  • Nuclear
  • Joint

Q4. What are the total earnings of the family?


Q5. How many dependents are present in the family?


Q6. What religion do you and your family follow?


Q7. Does your family celebrate any particular festivals?

  • Yes
  • No

Q8. If yes, please list the festivals.


Q9. Are you satisfied with the surroundings of your residence?

  • Yes
  • No

Q10. If No, what are you unhappy about and what changes do you expect?


Q11. What is your native language?


Q12. If given a chance, would you consider changing your residence? If yes, where would you like to relocate and why?


DATE______________                      SIGNATURE of the RESPONDENT_____________