A social questionnaire format consists of a detailed outline of the questions incorporated in a social questionnaire. Social questionnaires are designed by sociologist to gather data regarding the social life of people in a particular demography or in a particular sect. The questions in a social questionnaire vary according to the research undertaken. It is important to keep the language simple such questionnaires are submitted to a varied demographic. Also, the information of the respondents must be kept private always.

Social Questionnaire Format Sample

Name __________________________________

Age ___________________________________

Occupation _____________________________

City and State ____________________________

Religion ________________________________

Question One: (The first question should be aimed at understanding the background of the respondent.  Questions such as, where do you live and what is the social economic structure of your locality? can be asked.)

Question Two: (The second question must address the social issues faced by the respondent. A question like; do you face discrimination, detachment etc. from the other community members?)

Question Three: (This question maybe directed at the social living conditions of the respondent. The surroundings, cost of living, facilities available etc. This will help to understand the social structure in which the respondent resides)

Question four: (Fourth question can dwell into the facilities provided in the area such as schools, hospitals etc. Such questions give an insight regarding the amenities provided in the particular demographic.)

Question five: (This question must be directed towards the customs and traditions followed by the respondent. Questions like, which festivals do you celebrate? Or what religion do you follow? can be asked. Such kinds of questions provide the sociologist with the prevailing religion and customs in a particular demography.)

Question six: (Any other relevant questions may be asked further)