A social psychology questionnaire is a document which aims at seeking certain basic assumptions and behavioral patterns of people, how they relate to one another and to society in general. Social psychology questionnaires can be simple ones, or complex ones based on scientific, anthropological and sociological foundations. However, a simple and basic social psychology questionnaire is one which most people find easy to understand and address.

Sample Social Psychology Questionnaire:

Name: _________________________

Profession: ______________________

Age: __________________

Contact number: ___________________________

Please fill in the following questions based on your experience. Make your answers as clear and pertinent as possible:

  1. Who do you turn to if you are feeling depressed or suicidal?
  • To friends
  • To family members
  • To counselors
  • No one
  1. Do you think your interaction with members of your family or peer group has decreased due to your dependence on the internet?
  • Yes, significantly
  • No, not really
  • Not sure
  1. What does family mean to you now?


  1. How do you relate to the increasing violence around you? Does it make you feel numb or guilty?
  • I am desensitized and I do not react to violence around me anymore.
  • I feel guilty and horrified, and helpless to prevent it.
  • I do not react
  • I am unaffected by the violence around me
  1. How would you define your relationship to society?
  • A symbiotic, mutually beneficent one
  • A necessary evil
  • Relationship of interdependence
  • Relationship of force and adjustment
  • Not sure