A social networking questionnaire is used to get opinions from social network users. In recent years there has been an increase in the need for social networks thanks to globalization and spread of the internet. Many people use the internet to communicate with friends and family who live far away or even close. Social networks make it easy for people to communicate. The popularity of these networks has seen more and more social networks appear. Social networks can use a social networking questionnaire to find out information from members. Below is a sample social networking questionnaire.

Sample Social Networking Questionnaire

Which of these social networks are you a member of?

Facebook: ___________________

Hi 5: _________________

Twitter: ___________________

Other (specify): ______________________

Which is your favorite social network?  ______________________

Give reasons why?  _____________________________

Do you use social networks to interact with new people you do not know?


How many times do you use social networks?

Daily: ___________________

3 times a week: _________________

Once a week: ___________________

Once a month: ______________________

Rate your favorite social network in terms of user friendliness.

Excellent: ___________

Good: _____________

Average: _____________

Poor: _______________

Very poor: _____________

Can you access your social network via mobile phone? __________________

Can you access your favorite social network effectively using a slow connection? ___

Do you use video chat when using social networks? ____________________

Why do you use social networks? _______________________

What time do you frequently use social networks?

In the morning: ___________

In the afternoon: _____________

In the evening: _____________

Random times: _______________