The social media questionnaire gauges the respondents understanding and prevalence of use of web-based social interaction tools. The most basic of all is the web 2.0 application, which allows web users to create and exchange content on the web. In a society shifting from tradition forms of media such as newspapers, TV and radio to web-based media, one’s knowledge and frequency of social media use may determine whether he is in touch with activities and communication in the youth market. The social media concept evaluates respondents’ knowledge of social communication and social networking ideas and how they embrace available technology. Below is a sample questionnaire.

Name____________________ Job Title__________ Department________________

Q1. Do you use Web 2.0 or/and other social media tools in your line of work?

Yes____________ No_______________

Q2. How often do you use Facebook for official business purposes?

Thrice a day ___________ Once a day___________ Rarely_________

If yes, for what length of time have you used Facebook for official purposes?

Less than 1 year_______________

Between 1 and 2 years ____________

More than two years _____________

Q3. Have you identified any business advantage of using Facebook over traditional media?

Yes _________________________

No  _________________________

(If yes, please specify)____________________________________

Q4. What target market does this social networking tool enable you to reach?


Q5. How do you gauge the use of technology in your place of work?

Excellent  __________________________

Good _________________________________

Fair __________________________________

Poor _____________________________________

Q6. Do you use Twitter for business purposes? ______

Q7. Do you use YouTube for business communication? _______

Q8. Does the organization you work for have a dedicated department to manage communication via social media? ______

Q9. Tick other social media used in your organization



Wikis _________________