A social learning questionnaire is chiefly directed towards the analysis of the learning skills of children and pre-adolescents, who need to be acclimatized and socialized into society. Social learning is a theory which is utilized in the number of fields across disciplines like anthropology, criminology and so on. Usually the basic premise of this theory is the assumption that people learn by imitating novel experiences and by the actions of others in society, and these experiences are then replicated through individual actions.

Sample Social Learning Questions:

Please enter your personal details:

Name: ___________________

Age: ________________________

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Please fill in the following questions, based on your experiential data. In case you do not know the answer to a question, please leave the space blank.

  1. Have you ever been forced to do unpleasant things due to peer pressure?
  • Yes, often
  • No, never
  • Sometimes
  • I am not sure
  1. What does societal pressure mean to you?
  • The pressure to conform
  • The pressure of always performing up to one’s mark, and adjusting to unreasonable demands
  • Family and peer pressure
  • Pressure of excelling and coping
  • Any other: ________________________________________________
  1. Do you believe that actions are imitative and that we learn by mimicking others?
  • Yes, our motivations and actions are governed by the experiences around us.
  • No, we are inherently capable of reasoning and thinking alone.
  • Not sure
  1. What role does school, family, friends and other institutions play in social learning?