Social interaction can be defined as the relationship between two or more individuals or a group of people. Also known as social relation, the actions of a group may affect the actions of an individual. This effect can either be positive or negative. A social interactions questionnaire can be used to show that social interactions are not defined by physical or behavioral relations but by mutual orientation towards each other or their intentions. A social interactions questionnaire can be used to assess how individuals perceive social situations and use various technologies for social purposes. Below is a sample social interactions questionnaire.

Sample Social Interactions Questionnaire

Fill in the following details about how you interact with others

How many hours a day do you spend on the computer?

1hr: ___________

2-5 hrs ____________

5-10 hrs: _____________

More than 10hrs: _____________

What is your most common activity when using a computer?

Games _________

Surfing and the internet______________

Word processing____________



Chat rooms______________

Where do you have access to the computer? (Check all that apply)




Cyber café_____


Use this key for the following questions

5- Very easy 4- Easy, 3- average, 2- hard, 1- Very hard

Performing in front of an audience____________

Calling someone you don’t know very well___________

Being the centre of attention____________

Talking to people in authority___________

Starting a conversation with a stranger_____________

Defending a cause you believe in, in the face of opposition__________

Interacting with people you have never met before_____________

Joining an ongoing debate_________________

Making new friends_____________