Society is a collective. Therefore, living in a society or a community entails certain norms and regulations and demands certain degrees of commitment, engagement and responsibility from the part of every individual. A social engagement questionnaire comes in handy in assessing an individual’s ability to participate in societal activities and to gauge the amount of social engagement the person is capable of.

Sample Social Engagement Questionnaire

Personal details of the respondent




Contact Information:


To what extent do you prefer to get engaged in social activities?

a)      Actively participate in everything

b)      Participate but choose to remain passive

c)      Remain indifferent

How much knowledge do you possess about the functioning of the society council or cooperative?

a)      Thorough knowledge. Active member of the council

b)      Non-member but have a fair idea about its operations

c)      Do not care

Your community members organize a picnic. You

a)      Actively participate. Help organize the picnic.

b)      Participate anyway

c)      Skip the picnic

You dislike some of the activities in your society. You

a)      Call for a meeting in the society to express your misgivings

b)      Keep it to yourself

c)      Change locality

 Your image in the locality:

a)      Popular and well loved

b)      Non entity

c)      Disliked

 Your relationship with your society members:

a)      Friendly and amiable

b)      Mutual dispassion

c)      Tense.

 When someone is in crises, you

a)      Rush to help

b)      Weigh pros and cons but help anyway

c)      Turn a deaf ear

 To what extent do you think you social atmosphere influences your life?

 a)      Heavily

b)      Mildly

c)      None whatsoever