Man is a social family and thus for the development of every healthy individual it is highly important to conform to the prevalent norms of ones society and adjust to one’s surroundings. A social conformity questionnaire is a tool that enables one to penetrate into the depths of ones psychological recesses and test one’s ability to conform to one’s social customs and habits.

Sample Social Conformity Questionnaire

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 How do you feel your neighbors view you as a person in your society?

a)      Friendly

b)      Amiable

c)      Selfish

d)     Self-centered

How do you react when your neighbor asks you a favor?

a)      Happily agree to do it

b)      Agree but grudgingly

c)      Flatly refuse

d)     Take a few days to consider the idea, then refuse

Your friends have decided to have a get together, but you are not happy with the choice of venue. You

a)      Skip the party

b)      Go anyway

c)      Go, but keep sulking to yourself

d)     Convey your apprehensions to your friends

While buying tickets, you find yourself standing in a long queue. However, you find a group of people joining the line midway and taking undue advantage. You

a)      Protest

b)      Slyly join the group

c)      Blackmail them to let you join them

d)     Quietly stand in your line and wait for your chance

You buy a new dress but your friends do not approve of it. You

a)      Stick to your choice and wear it anyway

b)      Discard it

c)      Do not wear it outside the premises of your home.

d)     Wear it oftener before your friends

You loved a book that you just read. However, in a gathering you find the general opinion against it. You

a)      Give your honest opinion

b)      Join the crowd in criticizing the book.

c)      Keep mum

d)     Remain diplomatic