Social competence can be described as traits that a human being adapts to in their surrounding so as to fit in and interact with others. These include emotional, social and cognitive skills. A social competence questionnaire is an essential tool in finding out skills such as empathy and range of communicative behavior. It also tries to determine the degree of social competence. A social competence questionnaire can be used to find out skills and behavior a society perceives as those that enhance healthy social development. The social competence questionnaire below can be used to determine the social adaptation of adolescents in a society.

Sample Social Competence Questionnaire

Fill in the following details in regard to your relationship with other people in your community

How many friends do you have?

None ________

1- 5_______

5-10 _______

10-20: ______

More than 20 __________

Which method of communication do you often use with your friends?

Face to face: _________

Instant messaging: _________

Telephone calls: _________

Sims: _________

Letters: __________

Networking sites: __________

Use this key for the following questions

3-All the time, 2-Sometimes; 1- Never

When I meet new people I interact with them______________

I am able to deduce another person’s feelings, (either happy or sad) ________________

In a group I am able to take a leadership role _____________________

I stand up for a friend who is being bullied ________________________

In my community, I participate in youth activities.________________

I demonstrate helpfulness towards adults_________________

When I am with others I criticize them_______________

In unfamiliar settings I keep to myself_____________________