Social capital is defined as the readiness of people to interact with one another as a result of sharing common norms, understandings and in some cases, values. This in turn creates networks and builds relationships. A social capital questionnaire can be used in various circles such as organizational behavior, political science and economics to show interpersonal relationships within and between any social networks with an aim to benefit from this interaction. The social capital questionnaire can help an organization determine the extent of an individual’s participation and involvement in building relationships. Below is a sample social capital questionnaire.

Sample Social Capital Questionnaire

Fill out the following details concerning your involvement in social network.

How long have you lived in this area?

Less than one year: __________ 1- 3years: _________ 3- 5 years: _________

5- 9 years: __________ more than 10 years: __________

Use this key to rate your answers

1-Strongly agree, 2- agree, 3- average, 4- disagree, 5- strongly disagree

I   live in a safe area _____________________

I know most of the people that live around me ___________________________

I freely interact with the people in my neighborhood _________________

The people in my community are from different backgrounds and get on well together_______

In my neighborhood, people come together to help each other___________________

I am actively involved in decision making process of issues pertaining to my area _________

When a new person moves into the neighborhood, they feel welcomed ________________

Incase disputes arise within the community people are willing to seek mediation ____________

I am unsatisfied with _______________________________________