A small business questionnaire is formulated to ensure that an investor has every detail required in the proper management of a small business in place. Apart from this, the questionnaire is also used by research companies to gauge the business knowledge of small-scale entrepreneurs. Data gathered from surveys where such questionnaires are used is used by government or the private sector to gauge the level of success in small businesses and when necessary, the data forms a basis for training small-scale business men in some of the identified weak areas. Usually, small-scale business people do not pay as much attention to business or marketing plans as do big investors.

Business Name_________________________________


Total investments $_______________________________

Q1. Did you have a business plan when you first started this business? __________

Q2. Do you think a business plan is important for the success of a business? _________

Q3. How long have you been operating this business? ___________

Q4. Have you made any changes in the way you produce, package, price and promote your products and services? __________

(If yes, please state the changes) _______________________________

Q5. How would you rate the organizational or planning skills in your business?




?Needs improvement

Q7. How would you rate staff members in your business?

?Skilled professionals

?Casual laborers

?A mixture of skilled professionals and casual laborers

Q8. How well do you know your competitors?

?Quite well

?Fairly well

?I don’t know them at all

Q9. Do you have a defined target market? ________

If yes, please specify_________________________

Q10. Did you have target revenue from the very beginning? _________

If yes, are you meeting this target? __________