A small business marketing questionnaire is one of the most effective ways to know the details of the marketing strategies used by small business owners. Such questionnaires have multiple questions for users to answer and evaluate themselves on the basis of the result of the questionnaire.

Sample small business marketing questionnaire:

Name of respondent: ____________

Age of respondent: _____________

Address of respondent: _____________

Phone number of respondent: _____________

Email address of respondent: _______________

Business name: ________________________

Please answer the following small business marketing questions by using the space after the question for your answers.

Q1. Who is the major target audience for your business?


Q2. Do you think you have been doing well to sell products to the desired people?


Q3. What is the major marketing strategy you use to attract more clients?


Q4. Do you believe in advertising?


Q5. Which are your major advertising links?


Q6. Do you think direct marketing is better than advertising?


Q7. Do you agree with the traditional ways of selling products such as the word of mouth or door to door marketing?


Q8. Do you record many complaints about any of your products?


Q9. Are there any better plans that you have in mind to market your products in a more effective way?


Q10. Do you think that hiring more marketing experts will help you in any way?


Q11. Do you think that product quality is more important for selling of a product than the marketing strategy used?