The sixteen personality factor questionnaire is a survey tool developed after decades of study by researchers led by Raymond Cattell. From the research, Cattell found out that human personality could easily be determined by basic 16 traits and additional 5- secondary traits. Cattell started using the questionnaire in the 1940s in an attempt to learn and measure essential human personality traits. Answers to the sixteen questions are usually interpreted to give an overview of an individual’s personality. The data obtained from such research is also used to predict behavior in people as well as provide an integrated and in-depth picture of one’s personality.

Below is a sample:

Q1. How warmly do you respond to people you have never met?

Very warmly?

With a measure of? reservation

I wait to know? them first

Q2. How do you gauge your reasoning abilities? _________________

Q3. How emotional stable are you? _________________

Q4. Do you think you can be described as dominating? ____________

Q5. Are you a lively, or held back when socializing with people? _________

Q6. Are you bold in social places? ____________

Q7. Are you easily offended or sensitive to what people say or do? ___________

Q8. How watchful or vigilant are you? ________________

Q9. Are you imaginative or creative in any way? ________

Q10. Can you be described as a private person or do you share your secrets? _________

Q11.  Are you easily frightened by things, people or situations? _________

Q12. How can you define your response to change?


Q13. Are you self-reliant or do you depend on other people for your daily upkeep?


Q14. Do you consider perfectionism a virtue? ______________________

Q15. Do you experience tension whenever the unexpected happens? _________

Q16. Are you a good follower and willing to compromise?  __________