A situational leadership questionnaire is used to determine the skills and abilities of leaders. The questionnaire is helpful in pointing out the leaders’ strengths and weaknesses. It covers assumptions about specific situations through questions that are geared towards revealing the leader’s abilities. An illustration of a situational leadership questionnaire is shown below

Sample Situational Leadership Questionnaire

Tick the answer that best describes your agreement with the statements below

* Strongly agree

* Agree

* Disagree

* Strongly Disagree

Your employees have not been following your directions and conversations about their welfare thus their performance has been reducing greatly. You are most likely to

  • Lay emphasis on the implementation of standard procedures in each task   _________________________________________________
  • Talk to your employees and discuss the importance of achieving set goals _________________________________________________
  • Ignore any formation of intervention   _______________________________
  • Hold a meeting with your employees and create a forum for discussion about the issues affecting performance   ________________________________________

You realize that your team’s performance has been increasing significantly since you have been talking to them about their responsibilities. You are most likely to

  • Do nothing  ________________________________________
  • lay more emphasis on the importance of deadlines as well as the tasks _________________
  • Encourage your team members on  __________________________________
  • Offer more support to your team members  ______________________________

Your employees have been unable to solve problems that they have, you

    • Intervene and give directions on what should be done ________________
    • let the team find the solution on their won ___________________
    • provide support that the team needs to solve the problem _____________
    • engage the team and try to find a problem together with them ___________