A short personality questionnaire is a process to know the personality traits of an individual. These types of questionnaires can be used for various different purposes depending upon the needs and requirements. An organization may use the questionnaire so as to assess that whether a candidate is suitable for a particular job position or not, whereas an individual may take up the questionnaire to know his/her personality.

 Sample Short Personality Questionnaire

Name: ___________

Date of birth: _____________

Gender (tick on the appropriate one): Male   Female

Contact number: _______

Address: ____________________________

E mail id: _______________

Do you see yourself as an enthusiastic individual?

a)      I am always very enthusiastic

b)      Sometimes I am very enthusiastic

c)      I am not enthusiastic at all

Do you agree that you are very difficult to understand as a person?

a)      Strong agree

b)      Agree

c)      Somewhat agree

d)     Disagree

e)      Strongly agree

Do you become easily upset if something does not go according to plan?

a)      I become very upset

b)      I try to find the reason

c)      I don’t become upset at all and move on

How restless are you an individual?

a)      Very restless

b)      Restless

c)      Somewhat restless

d)     Not restless at all

  • Are you open to new experiences?

a)      I am always open

b)      I am not open at all

  • Do you see yourself as a disorganized person?

a)      Very disorganized

b)      Disorganized

c)      Somewhat disorganized

d)     Disorganized

  • Are you very conventional or unconventional as a person?

a)      Conventional

b)      Unconventional

  • Dou you consider yourself dependable and self disciplined?

a)      Yes, I am dependable and self disciplined

b)      No, I am not dependable and self disciplined