Short estate planning questionnaire is one that investigates into the financial condition of a person. This includes the information about property and assets, bank statement, retirement plans, borrowed loan amount, etc. of an individual. The main aim of this questionnaire is to get an idea of the total value of financial assets possessed and own by a person. This sort of planning is initiated either for borrowing money in the form of loan against the assets or for evaluation and distribution of the same among the children or the successors/ nominees of the person’s property.

These questions helps in getting a conclusion about the estate planning technique that best suits a person for further investments and further guide them with their financial management.

Sample Short Estate Planning Questionnaire

Name of the Person: _______________________________________________

Name of Spouse: __________________________________________________

Children Particulars:_______________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Mobile No: ______________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Q1) Which kind of a residency are you living in? Further mention the approximate market value of your property along with other related assets?

a) Rented

b) Owned

c) Leased

d) Mortgaged

Value ____________________________________________________________

Q2) Select the other kind of investment schemes you are involved or have invested in? Also mention their particulars in detail?(Multipleselections can be made, if required)

a) Stocks

b) Bonds

c) Mutual Funds

d) Retirement Bonuses


Q3) Are you in any kind of debt or loan? If yes mention its type and details?

a) Home/ other Mortgage

b) Bank Credit

c) Car loan/ Personal loan

d) Not applicable

Details: ________________________________________________________

Q4) Mention all details about your properties, assets etc?


Q5) Mention in detail about the Name, relationship and other particulars of the person you wanted to make nominate the power of attorney after you?



Q6) Mention any other financial investments which include investments such as insurance policies, medical policies, etc.?