A service tax questionnaire is a programmed questionnaire to fill the service tax details. By filling these details, an individual can apply for a tax clearance procedure. To fill a service tax questionnaire, an interested person can appoint a charted accountant, registered tax agent or can complete this procedure by visiting the official website of the government tax department.

Sample Service Tax Questionnaire:

Name of the service tax payer: ___________________

Sex: _________________, Age: ___________________

Official address: _______________________________

Contact number: ______________________________

Social security number: _________________________

Age: __________________________________________

SSN no: _______________________________________

Q1. Kindly fill your personal details:

  • Occupation: _________________________________
  • Tax ID: _____________________________________
  • Spouse occupation: ____________________________
  • Tax ID: _____________________________________
  • STC NO: _____________________________________

Q2. What is the category of your service tax?


Q3. Kindly choose the constitution of asset:

  • Individual
  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietary

Q4. As per your above selected answer, choose the suitable following category:

  • Registered public company
  • Registered private company
  • Registered trust
  • Society
  • Co-op society
  • Others: ______________________

Q5. Provide us the name of the taxable service and goods:

Sr No                         Name                                   Category

_______                    __________                          ___________

Q6. Mention the total computation of the service tax: $ ___________________

Q7. The above mentioned terms are liable to the tax payer as:

  • As a service provider
  • A service receiver is liable to pay the service tax
  • Others: _______________________

Q8. Mention the clause and sub clause number through which the taxpayer is eligible for the service tax:

  • Service Tax Clause ______________
  • Service Tax Sub Clause: _________

Q9. Is this service tax applicable on the gross income?

  • Yes
  • No