A service satisfaction questionnaire is one that is used by a service providing organization to measure the satisfaction levels of the services provided to its customer. This questionnaire helps in understanding the problems and good things about the service being provided. This questionnaire can be used to improve the services and make changes to the existing services in a valuable manner. The below given sample questionnaire is one used by a bank to obtain service satisfaction response from its customers.

Sample Service Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name  of the Customer :        ______________________

Account number :                   ______________________

Account Type :                       ______________________

Branch where Account Held :______________________

Residential Address :              ______________________

Contact number :                     ______________________

Email Address :                       ______________________

1)      Are you satisfied with the services provided by our bank?

a) Yes I am, very satisfied

b) I am somewhat satisfied

c)Not at all Satisfied

d)Totally dissatisfied

2)      Are you comfortable with the procedure and form used by our bank to open a new account with our bank?



c)I am not sure. Someone else filled the form

d)I Can’t say

3)      Are you satisfied with the service provided by our bank staff each time you visit our bank?

a)Very satisfied

b)Somewhat satisfied

c)Not at all Satisfied

d)Totally dissatisfied

4)      Do you agree that the bank should stipulate a compulsory minimum balance for its accounts?

a)      Agree

b)      Somewhat Agree

c)      Do not agree at all

d)     Can’t say

5)      Do you want to suggest any changes or improvements in the services offered by our bank to its customer ?