School Uniforms plays a very major role in the overall development of a student during his school tenure. A school uniform creates a feeling of discipline and unity among the students. A school uniform questionnaire is a tool which is used to find out the opinions of the students regarding their uniform. This type of questionnaire also helps to find out if students wish to have any changes in their uniform.

Sample Uniform Questionnaire

Please mention your full Name: _________________________________________

Age: _________

Gender: ________________________

School Name: ____________________________________________

Please mention your class and section ________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone no: ____________________________

Email id: _____________________________

1. Do you think that a school should have uniform for students?

a) Yes

b) No

2. What kind of school uniform color do you prefer?


3. What do you like the most in your school uniform?

a) Fabric

b) Styling

c) Color

d) Pattern

3. What kind of school uniform do you wish to have?

a) Skirt pattern

b) Unisex Trousers

c) Sweatshirts

d) If any other please mention

4. If there is no uniform in the school which dress would you prefer?

a) T-shirt jeans

b) Skirts

c) Sweat shirt-Jeans

d) Any other.

5. Are there any other accessories you would recommend to team-up with your school uniform?


6.  According to you does a school uniform helps in identifying those not belonging to the campus?


7. Do you think that a school uniform impart discipline in the school?


8. Do you feel comfortable wearing your school uniform?

a) Yes

b) No

9. If given a choice what changes would you like to make in your school uniform?