A school travel questionnaire is a questionnaire that is used to know the needs, requirements as well other related information of the students while travelling to their school. This questionnaire is usually filled by the parents or the guardians of the students.

Sample School Travel Questionnaire

Name of the school: _______________

Name of the student: _____________

Parents /Guardian Name of the Student:

Address of the student: Street address ___________ City _________ State _______________ Zip code _______

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

E mail id: ____________

Q1. What is the mode of transport used by your children to travel to school?

a)   Bicycle

b)   Bus

c)   Car

d)   Walking

e)   Train

f)    Other (please specify): _______________

Q2. What is the distance of your child’s school form your home?

a)   Less than a mile

b)   Less than five miles

c)   Less than ten miles

d)   More than ten miles

Q3. How does your child usually travel to school?

a)   Travels individually

b)    Travels in a group with other students

c)   Travels with parents

d)   Travels by sharing a vehicle

Q4. What is the average time taken to travel from home to school?

a)   Less than ten minutes

b)   Less than thirty minutes

c)   Less than an hour

d)   More than an hour

Q5. Do you feel that the current travel option of your child is convenient?

a)   Strongly feel so

b)   Yes, I feel so

c)   Somewhat feel so

d)   Don’t feel so

Q6. What would you suggest as an alternative travel option to school?