A school teacher leadership questionnaire is a questionnaire that helps to know the factors which are important in an individual to be a school teacher leader. Such questionnaires also help an individual to know whether he/she can be a good school teacher leader or not.

Sample School Teacher Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of the teacher: _____________

Age: __________________________

School: ______________

Tell us something about your teaching experience:


Describe the factors which play an important role in effective teaching?


According to your opinion, what three attributes are necessary to treat aggressive students?


How do you rate your teaching style?

  • 10. Excellent
  • 9. Very good
  • 8. Good
  • 7. Average

According to you, how can a school maintain good reputation?

  • By improving ethical standards
  • By improving teaching procedures
  • By implying appropriate professional methods
  • All of the above
  • Others, please specify: _______________

Have you ever led any teachers’ union?

  • Yes. Many times
  • Yes
  • No

Practically, how can you deal with average or slow learning students?

  • By paying attention towards their learning qualities
  • Putting him/ her to extra classes
  • Referring him/ her to special classes
  • Others, _______________________

Name the leadership qualities of a principal?


How parents contribute in the study of their child?


Write the two qualities of your school that you find to be the best among all?


How many parent teacher meetings should be conducted by the school in a month?


Mention the three standard parameters to measure the performance of students?


Do you think the rotational system for each class is effective?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure