A school questionnaire for students is a set of questions that determines the school’s relationship with its students since this questionnaire is aimed at the students. It also brings forth the teachers’ capabilities as well as organizational structure and educational practices of the school.

Sample School Questionnaire For Students

Name of student_____________________________________________


Class ______________Division___________________ Student Id_____________________

1. To which board is your school affiliated?


2. What is the total number of students as well as the male to female ratio in case it is a co educational school?


3. How many periods are there per school day?


4. How good is the condition of the classes as well as laboratories?

a. Excellent

b. Very good

c. Good

d. Bad

e. Very bad

5. Are multimedia resources used in day to day instruction?

a. Regularly

b. Alternately

c. Weekly

d. Rarely

e. Never

6. How satisfactory are the laboratory equipments including the computers?

a. Very satisfactory

b. satisfactory

c. Pathetic

d. Tolerable

7. Are the books in the library adequate for reference and as per curriculum?

a. yes

b. No

8. Is special coaching/tuition available for low scorers?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What sort of extracurricular activities are available in the school?


10. Is the stress laid on extracurricular activities sufficient?

a. Too much stress is laid

b. Too little stress is laid

c. It is sufficient

11. Are maximum teachers successful in making lessons understandable?

a. Yes

b. Rarely

c. never

d. Most are successful

12. What changes would you like to see in your school so as to make it even more interesting?