A school questionnaire for parents is a method of interaction through a set of questions in which parents have their say regarding matters of the school that their children attend. This provides a method to improve school education as well as the overall curriculum.

Sample School Questionnaire for Parents



Name of your child_____________________________________________

  1. Is the school near to your home?
  2. Has your child faced bullying in school?

a. Rarely

b. Sometimes

c. Regularly

3. How useful is the school transportation?

a. Very

b. somewhat

c. Not at all

4. Are snacks/ Vending machines available in school and in good condition?

a. Yes

b. No

5.  Do you think that there is proper academic development of your child in the school?

a. Yes

b. No

c. To Some Extent

6. What are the sport opportunities made available by the school?


7. Is the presence of extracurricular activities as well as after school clubs satisfactory?

a. Very satisfactory

b. Not at all satisfactory

c. Somewhat satisfactory

8. Is the yearly development of the school proper? (School buildings, equipments)

a. Yes

b. No

9. What is the process through which you receive information regarding your child?

a. Newsletter

b. email

c. parent teacher meetings

d. website of the school

e. via phone calls (personal)

10. Does the school show special support towards children with disabilities? If yes how?


11. How do you think the school can increase the participation of parents in the school events as well as its daily curriculum?