A school questionnaire is a tool by which the school management can get the feedback from its teachers and students regarding the overall management, resources and facilities in the school. This questionnaire can be very useful in making the school premises better for all.

Sample School Questionnaire

Name: ________________________________________________

1. How long are you associated with the school?

a. Less then 1 year

b. 1 – 3 years

c. 3 – 5 years

d. More than 5 years

2. What is your role of association with the school?

a. Student

b. Teacher

c. Others. Please specify _________________

Now rate the following statements as-

1. Strongly agree

2. Agree

3. Neutral

4. Disagree

5. Strongly disagree

1. The school premises is large enough to accommodate the total no. of students it has

2. The classrooms are spacious and well maintained

3. The blackboards, dusters, chalks and other necessary things are in abundance and are readily available.

4. The computer systems in the computer labs are updated with latest software and hardware.

5. The books as per the curriculum are all available in the school library.

6. Books apart from study books are also available in the library. These books are useful for the student’s development as a whole.

7. The restrooms are clean and hygienic

8. The teacher to student ratio is such that it allows equal attention to all students.

9. There is no discrimination among the students based on their sex, caste, creed or religion.

10. In case of misconduct, all students are treated equally.