School leadership questionnaire is meant to be filled by teachers and school staff who handle assignments requiring leadership abilities.  The findings from a school leadership questionnaire help the school management or the principal to define the various leadership attributes that are missing or need to be worked upon. This type of questionnaire also helps the staff leader to understand where he or she stands and what he/she needs to work upon.

Sample School Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of the Leader: _________________

School:____________________  Teacher for: _______ th Grade

Sex: _________ Age: _____________

Address: _____________________________ State: ________  Zip: _________

Phone Number: ______________

Email Address: ______________

Q1.  What leadership role are you playing currently?

  • Role of a teacher
  • Role of a friend, philosopher, and guide
  • Role of a teacher and parent
  • Role of a professional
  • Role of a responsible colleague

Q2.  How often do you allocate leadership tasks to other teachers or staff?

  • Every day
  • Once a week
  • Once in a fortnight
  • Once a month
  • Once in a few months
  • Never

Q3.  Which of the following tasks do you undertake as a leader?

  • Allocate tasks to teachers of the same grade
  • Allocate responsibilities to all teachers
  • Define various responsibilities
  • Inspire other teachers to become leaders
  • Be proactive and take extra responsibility

Q4.  Which of the following areas do you focus on as a part of your leadership responsibilities?

  • Monitor, assess, and evaluate teacher performance
  • Conduct coaching and mentoring for teachers and students
  • Plan professional development of teachers
  • Initiate collaborative learning
  • Initiate positive changes in the school environment
  • Orchestrate teamwork

Q5.  Which of the following attributes of a leader do you use in your daily school or work life?

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Sincerity
  • Timely action
  • Meeting objectives
  • Reliability
  • Walk the talk
  • Developing extra skills