A school environment questionnaire is a set of questions that a person answers in order to bring forth his / her views regarding the school environment. Since there are several aspects for maintaining a school environment properly, one must touch upon all such subjects while creating such a questionnaire.

Sample School Environment Questionnaire

Name _____________________

Address ______________________

City ____________

Email id: ___________________

Contact number _______________

Name of school ____________________

Address ______________________

City _________

1. How is the attitude of the students towards their teachers?


2. How often do teachers discuss their lessons and tactics with each other?

a. Very often

b. Rarely

c. Sometimes

3. How well is the school organised?

a. Very well

b. Somewhat good

c. Pretty bad

4. How often are teachers encouraged to be innovative? ______________________________________

5. How would you describe the supply and availability of resources or supplies for teachers?


6. How open is the school to curriculum changes?

a. Very open

b. Requires persuasion

c. Not open

7. Does the school create awareness regarding pressing issues? How are these awareness campaigns executed?


8. What sort of reception do parents receive on trying to discuss their child’s difficulties?

a. Very good and encouraging

b. Somewhat welcoming

c. Pretty bad

9. How open is the school with appreciation in case of success and achievements of teachers and students?


10. How does the school celebrate important events and occasions?


11. How well prepared are the teachers while conducting lectures and taking classes? _________________________________________________________